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5.4M 2019-1-28 Down
2019-1-29 Down
Users to buy S-Series can be downloaded 11.6M 2016-4-14 Down
USB driver installation instructions decoded 13.4M 2016-4-6 Down
UDS Series Product manual UDS Series Product manual 14.2M 2015-2-3 Down
UDS series firmware upgrade V1.0.36 This firmware is limited to the UDS series firmware upgrade
12.1M 2015-5-17 Down
Android control software functions

1 supports DSD / ISO file
2 support CUE file
3 compatibility foobar player
4 Support file search
5 supports wifi direct connection control

3.39M 2017-12-23 Down
HDM Series V4.06

v4.06 has to solve the problem:

    1 player when playing SACD DSD signal extraction wrong, resulting in a small voice
    2.SACD ISO format to read the whole track, not selections
    3 mobile terminal control CUE still unrecognizable
    4 The latest software can set the time zone, but the device and then restart the display YORK (each boot is to be re-set)

26.8M 2015-1-12 Down
HDM Series Backup files

1 please at boot time press the mute button (Note: not long press, is kept short press), then to restore the backup system interface, some please backup file "/ /" in four copies files to your U disk, attention can not be placed in the folder

2 U disk connected devices, a few seconds after pressing the OK key, then the interface will display "test the recovery file, please wait..." prompt, then there will be "system restore, do not pull out storage!" prompt, please wait for the device restored the automatic restart


Please click the link to download the backup file



85M 2015-1-27 Down
How to set share folder in Win7 How to set share folder in Win7 7.3MB 2013-4-12 Down
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