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PCM format 32Bit/384KHz
DSD format 64/128
DAC Inputs (Coaxial,Optical and USB)
USB DAC Native decoding (xmos chip)
S-1 Pro 
ES9018S*2 DAC
AK4495*2 DAC
HDMI*2 Inputs Module
USB Inputs Module
UDS-1T Turntable 
Digital Audio Output jack
HDMI Native Output
HDMI Input jack
ES9018 * 2 Data jack
WM8741 * 2 Data jack
S / P DIF Output

HDM-03S (Stop production in 2014) 
A simplified version of the HDM-03

1. 24Bit/192KHz Network audio player;
2. Support Android / Iphone system remote control;
3. High-performance stand-alone decoder -- dual wm8741 chip;
4. Internet radio -- supports 20000 station;
5. 5-inch touch screen;
6. High-performance headphone output -- TPA6120;
7. Digital network audio streaming --support Foobar stream.
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