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HDM-03 (Stop production in 2014)
HD Music Center

 A Multifunctional Digital Stream Master with Music Playing, Local Storage, Network Access, D/A Conversion and Digital Music Recording integrated all together.

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The HD Music Center HDM-03 adopts the specialized 32-bit high-performance multimedia processor and DSP solution. The reference clock system is the industrial-class digital phase-locked loop (DPLL) system, which effectively reduces clock jitter in transmission of digital audio signals and achieves an ultra-low Jitter. In addition, by proprietary technology the audio coding and decoding software can process 24Bit/192KHz high bit rate digital master tape audio stream at a high speed and support the decoding of all kinds of digital audio formats (WAV//WMA/ APE/FLAC/ALAC/ACC). In the future, through firmware upgrading, the device can support more audio formats.

The audio D/A decoding part adopt the flagship-level decoding chip - WM8741 with digital filter from Wolfson of theUK. Known as a D/A chip with the best hearing impression, this chip can produce “simulated feel” sounds more natural than those produced with traditional digital simulated converters. What’s more, the reference circuit has been specially optimized and calibrated by engineers from the plant of Wolfson, as well as passing the factory test made by Wolfson. As a result it can provide SNR of 128dB (monophony) which guarantees a high quality of digital audio rendering. Besides, for the reason that standalone CPU is put to control the D/A decoding chip, this device can also be used as a high-performance independent D/A converter (24Bit/192KHz).


 Android™ remote      Iphone/Ipad remote                                test made by Wolfson  


Ø Support decoding of all kinds of main stream digital audio formats, including WAV, WMA, APE and FLAC etc.;

Ø Support the playing of high bit rate digital audio format (up to 24Bit/192K) and studio master tape format;

Ø Support the playing of audio formats, including APE and FLAC, and CUE relevant files;

Ø Flagship-level D/A decoding chip - WM8741x2 and digital filter from Wolfson of theUK(passing the factory test made by Wolfson);

Ø Support 2-way S/PDIF digital audio input and can be used as an independent decoder (Support 24bit/192kHz format);

Ø Support digital music recording by S/PDIF signal input. The sound can be recorded as CD tracks or other S/PDIF signals and saved as 24bit/96KHz WAV files in the built-in hard disk;

Ø Support RCA and XLR analog audio output and digital volume control functions;

Ø Industrial level digital phase-locked loop (DPLL) system reference clock system, effectively reducing clock jitter in transmission of digital audio signals with an ultra-low Jitter index ≤100PS;

Ø High-performance linear power supply system with independent power supplies for digital/analog parts. Precise linear secondary stable-voltage power supply is adopted for the digital part while Class A high-speed active parallel servo power supply is adopted for the analog part, to achieve an ultra-low internal resistance of the power source;

Ø Adopting Hi-END Hi-Fi parts such as all-solid-state Low ESR capacitor;

S/PDIF digital audio output port (for digital CD output)


Digital Audio Format

WAV//WMA/ APE/FLAC/ALAC/ACCwith 24 bit resolution

Digital Inputs:

Coax & optical  S/PDIF

Digital Outputs

Coax & balanced AES/EBU

sample rates

8 k –192 k

Word depths

16 – 24 bits

Analogue outputs

RCA, XLR balanced


802.11g/b wireless usb Adapter

10/100mbs Ethernet

Frequency response



≥117dB(stereo 0db@fs=96kHz)


0.035db(stereo 0db@fs=96kHz)

Dynamic Range

≥120dB(stereo 0db@fs=96kHz)

Channel Separation




120PSS/P DIF Inputs

Output Level

RCA  2. 3V RMS

XLR  2. 5V RMS

Power Supply

30 W max  AC 100~240V 50/60Hz


435mm(W) x300mm(D) x85mm(H)



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