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The Third Generation of Digital Stream Sever -HDM-05
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A new generation of digital stream player HDM-05,adopt dual-CPU;professional audio decoding and core algorithm;support 32Bit/384Khz and other audio file playing; adopt double WM8741 decoding chip,high performance independant decoding;high precision ultra low phase noise oscillator (0.2ppm ikhz,-135dBc/Hz);Lan or Wi-Fi net connection,can play the sharing music of PC,NAS and mobile phone  through the LAN;Android /iOS device media control. 

First,HDM-05 is a digital stream player,it can play the local source of the USB device.Use the third party software such as Amediacontrol of the Android system and 8player/iMediacontrol of the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad,to control the HDM-05 by AP function or Wi-Fi or LAN.

The HDM-05 also can be used as a DAC decoder,it support 5 SPDIF digital input.
The HDM-05 add a new function,that is AP virtual router.It can use the media controller withou a router.  

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